Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My other Blybe has arrived!!!

My little mint green haired Blybe arrived this afternoon (although her hair looks blue in the pictures). I'm not sure which of my new Blybes I like better. They're both so cute!

New Blybe

My newest Blythe clone Blybe doll came today, which is odd because the one I ordered before her who supposedly shipped 3 days sooner still has not arrived. Anyway, so far of all my clones; this one is my absolute favorite. She looks just like a Blythe. My favorite things about her is her brown eyes and her little kimono. So cute!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blythe Clones

Over the past few weeks, I started longing to collect Blythe again, but her high price tag has kept me at bay. Then along came these cutie clone dolls; Blybes, Basaaks & CCEs. I had to have them! So far, I have 2 CCE girls, 1 Basaak, and 2 Blybes (with 2 more Blybes on the way) I'm so excited! These little sweeties give me the Blythe high...without the high price tag. They retail online about $20-$25. I can live with that!!